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We have an agreement with the specialised firm Das Compliance.

Our main offices are located in Madrid and Seville, but we can also assist you at our offices in Cádiz, Algeciras and Marbella.

  • Constitution, registration and start-up of activities,
  • Representation at meetings. Drafting of minutes/certificates.
  • Comprehensive management of the secretary’s office of the entity with full running of all its obligations and functions.
  • Advice and follow-up of action plans approved by the board of trustees of the foundation.
  • General advice on and management of financing.
  • Advice on application for and management of grants/subsidies.
  • Management of all types of operations corresponding to the tax system of non-profit entities.
  • Entities included in the scope of application of the Law 49/2002 of 23 December on the Tax System of Non-Profit Entities and Incentives for Patronage.
  • Partially exempt entities.
  • Compliance with obligations before the Charities Commission.
  • Accounting and accountability obligations of national and regional foundations. Preparation of financial statements.
  • Modification of articles of association, merger, extinction and liquidation of the foundation.
  • Advice on all types of general and specific contracts of foundations, including patronage contracts.
  • Employment-related advice and representation in acts of conciliation and employment-related lawsuits of all kinds, and administrative lawsuits where applicable.
  • Comprehensive administrative and accounting management of all documents related to mandatory books, digital records and accounting and tax obligations for the entity’s financial year.
  • Employment-related management, contracts, payroll, and Social Security.
  • Tasks of Compliance to ensure the elimination of corporate risks.
  • Advice on the design and implementation of the corporate social responsibility policy.
  • Advice on policies and management of communication and relations with the media, with expert professionals in journalism and communication.