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Management of Foundations and Cultural Entities

Under the coordination and direction of Violeta Dávila Sanchez, who boasts experience in civil and commercial legal practice as the head of the firm’s Department of Banking Law, together with in-depth legal training at national and international centres (Boston, Hamburg, Paris, etc.), including the Master in Legal Advice at the Institute of Companies and the recently obtained Master in Management of Companies and Cultural Entities at the Complutense University of Madrid, our office and the Seville-based firm Nexo Andalucia Consultores S.L. have launched a new comprehensive advisory service for foundations and cultural or charitable management companies and entities.

This service includes comprehensive advice, i.e. legal, administrative, economic and fiscal, specialising in this type of entities and also in the field of administrative, documentary and fiscal management, so that managers of the entities can devote themselves to their main activities with the assurance that our highly specialised team will be in charge of managing compliance with all legal and fiscal obligations and of completing all the documentary formalities to always keep them up-to-date with the Tax Office, Social Security, the Charities Commission and all the public administrations.